Melissa here,

Back in 2017, I started this fitness and nutrition blog to help my girlfriends find the healthier version of themselves. I even titled this space "Melissten" because I was dishing my latest health info to them! ⁠ 

What started as a creative outlet became an extension of myself through sharing thoughts on consistent exercise, eating real food, and my mental health battle with anxiety. I feel more balanced each day, but being "balanced" means that I don't have good without the bad. 

Life will have unexpected moments forcing you to grow when you'd rather hide and ignore it all. It can be helpful though when someone understands you are a real human who experiences challenges and occasional failures. The support of another is everything and I'm here to be your fit-fam cheerleader. 

This journey for sustainability isn't to always be consistent with one practice. It truly is never ending because you're constantly forming new questions and hopefully pushing yourself into an unknown subject to learn from others with experience. While on this journey, something unique I have noticed; once I saw internal and external results in myself from my efforts, body confidence is a by-product which can feel like a step towards empowerment. I'm also here to cheer you on to show it proudly when you notice it in yourself! It can be powerful & healing! 



I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, but I'm not training others yet. I'm currently gaining experience, but I want to build my community. So, let's have a conversation about your goals, your lifestyle, and anything you care to share. This place is always a safe space!

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