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🔥 Damn - You look like that just to take pictures??

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

During a friend's Conversation Night, we were casually scrolling through IG fitness accounts & this comment was made: "Wow, what a fit human, but what do they do with all that? Just take pictures?" This lead to an interesting conversation about using one's "fitness" for aesthetics or athleticism. Keep reading & you'll hear my thoughts clearly!    

The comment made above is what started the conversation. Then, we developed a question: Why negatively judge someone who works out for aesthetics instead of improving performance for athleticism? 

Throughout the night, the debate ended in agreement. If vanity is important to your identity and you find yourself beautiful by developing musculature even if it isn't utilized for sportsmanship, then you still moved your body! You get a round of applause!! Aesthetic is the motivator that gets you mobile & you sculpted your physique. Bravo!  

The point here is that along your fitness journey, the care in what someone else thinks soon leaves & you start to focus on how you see yourself. If you feel beautiful, hot, and sexy as fuck where you take your own #fitspo pics for IG & Pinterest, then mission accomplished! I'll join you on that body confident train! 

We can't let the opinion of another force us to train a certain way if that's not our interest. Besides, exercise and mobility are huge components of life longevity. So if vanity gets us to move our body, then we still win! You never know, we may even develop the desire to work towards athleticism once we become stronger. We'll decide that & probably post it to let you know! LOL!

So, cheers to YOU! Anyone who is any level of fit feels good: physically + mentally.

Happy Fitness!


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