• Melissa Shannon

Here's the truth to how you get abs!

Getting abs is a goal of many - whether you actually enjoy working out or only move because all the health articles and your doctor say so. To get this highly desired body feature, here's what you do, but you have to do BOTH of these. First one is crucial.

  1. This one is the REAL (not-so-secret) SECRET! EATING RIGHT ACTUALLY GETS YOU ABS! Look, pre-made packaged food has been convenient for us for far too long. Article after article has told us that poor food choices aid towards overall poor quality health andddd it also affects your muscle development. Yet many amazing hard-working health focused humans fall back into old habits or never create this habit on their wellness journey. So, they end up chasing ab definition for years still to never have them. If eating is what you struggle with the most, then you're half-assing your health efforts. Real food gives your body the proper nutrition and helps your newly developed muscles show off their glow up. Let go of the mac and cheese. Stop it with the drastically sweetened lattes. Put down the easy food from the ordering assembly line. Don't drink that third beer and MAKE your own food. It doesn't have to take 5 hours in the kitchen either. Easy peasy - Brown rice, fried eggs, and assorted veggies. Prep the rice (takes 20-30 minutes the day before) and you have 3-4 meals with that alone and takes less than 15 minutes to heat up. It's almost 2021. Don't play dumb. You truly know what food NOT to eat. So, don't eat it. Find out HERE how many calories you need based on what energy you use.

  2. Target focused exercises. If you're just starting out, we need to get your deep inner core activated. Start with these low impact exercises:

  3. Plank - ALL variations: high plank, low plank, plank with side toe taps, plank with knee to elbow taps. low side plank, high side plank, Then do some dead bugs and bird dogs.

  4. After the deep core is woken up, move on to traditional exercises. Crunches either on the floor or an exercise ball. Then, get more dynamic with it and do sit-ups, V-ups, hollow bodies, mountain climbers, bicycles, wood choppers, plank jacks, medicine ball rotations. There's SO MANY fun ab workouts that I didn't mention, but they'll all get you results. The basics are always always always the best place to start and learn HOW to engage and activate your core. So, please start there before moving to the dynamic movements. We're all meant to be the healthiest version of ourself. Cheers to you for deciding to put effort in yourself!

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