• Melissa Shannon

Ok, so 2020 has us all in a growth period.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

2020 out here making us grow. Some shit's happened, you made a decision to get help, you're motivated again, you find determination to meet a new goal, and you're putting effort towards that goal. Hell fuck yes. After checking off items from that to-do list though, how do you know when you're ready for what you've been working towards? What if your credentials sound qualified but then the real world hits you with "Back it up Terry! You still have more to do!" This is how I feel diving deeper into the world of health + fitness.

I have first-hand experience with multiple approaches for my healthier self and I do appear to look fit. But y'all, I'm STILL listening to self-help podcasts and reading every confidence boosting word I can find from Marie Forleo (#marieforleo) just to find someone else who's feeling how I'm feeling and still can say "I just went for it and I made it!" There's so many stories getting to ...then one day, I just went for it! chapter and then boom: money is being made, recognition is happening, opportunities open up. But....whennnn does that happen? Is confidence the by-product from the efforts you put in making you "go for it"? If so, then growth isn't a step-by-step process with a definitive end showing you the new pretty door opening with success and opportunity on the other side.

Long story short: I'm second guessing my current skillset to be a coach and overall approach in what I'm presenting to the world as a future coach. I'm impressioned easily from others who challenge and question me. I fact check myself like crazy too because my eyes have been opened more. Just from having a certain physique doesn't mean I have legitimate answers nor practices. I need to be knowledgeable in order guide and be alongside you who also want a path towards a healthier stronger self.

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