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Is it too annoying to workout at-home?

Updated: Feb 12

Focusing at home on any must-do task automatically creates sudden other “to-dos” taking the initial moment away. Things like:

  1. CLEANING: One small thing like clearing the counter turns into vacuuming the floors which turns into wiping the bathroom down which turns into etc.

  2. HUNGER: Since you’re at home and primarily cook when you want something to eat, you have to prepare it (which takes more time).

  3. DISHES: If your routine is to not leave the kitchen dirty between meals so that you can cook in a clean kitchen each time you prepare food, then dishes are constant (also taking time away).

  4. ANIMALS: Goodness gracious, it is difficult to sit down with a dog in need of something THE MOMENT you sit down. Whether it’s playing, wanting attention, or time for a walk, it’s inconvenient.

  5. CHILDREN: I imagine 10x as interruptive as a pet.

  6. SPOUSE/ROOMMATES: Spending quality time with the people you love that live under the same roof is wonderfully distracting (or it can suck if they’re in the room you want to workout in).

  7. SPACE: Your house is tight and you don’t think you have the right amount of space.

W O W, those are a lot of reasons! Not that these “reasons” aren’t all legitimate items in need of your attention but let’s be honest, everything in modern day needs your attention. So how do you focus?

A huge motivating factor for me to exercise at home is my buzzkill of leaving where I am to go workout. I find difficulty in journeying to the gym as my primary source to exercise.

Reason: It feels like a chore to get there. Some days the drive to the gym is actually more minimal than I make it out to be. However, the moments when I am dragging my feet are because I want to work out NOW; not after 20 minutes of driving, parking, walking in, and putting my game face on. (Yes, I recognize that is a tad dramatic but all literal elements of g-o-i-n-g to the gym.)

  1. You already have the space at home! Whether its in your room, hallway, or main living space, clear it of items and ta-da! You don’t need the area of a kick boxer. You simply need an area to do a jumping jack or down dog, then you have space. If you don’t have a lot of overheard space, then utilize horizontal movements like mountain climbers or V-ups.

  2. Don’t have workout equipment? That’s fine! Perfect time for body calisthenics. Better yet, think outside the box and grab an empty milk jug to fill with water or use a heavy book.

  3. Find an IG video, a yoga YouTube (I recommend Five Parks Yoga with Erin) or Pinterest infographic that follows the workout you want to do. Like this:

4. But then….

Stop scrolling or waiting for that DM icon to appear to have someone to respond to. Any messages can go either unread or momentarily unresponded. Focus for these few minutes out of the day.

5. Once you’re finished, THIS IS TRUTH!

Especially after that post workout shower, your rocking goddess ass heads into the kitchen (naked if you choose because you’re at home) and blissfully mix up your protein smoothie or make your meal since you aren’t having to spend those minutes gathering your stuff, walk to the car, and drive back from the gym. You are already in the perfect spot!

I hope you find at home motivation from this. Let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear from you. Best of luck!

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