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❓What's my goal with this blog?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

A close friend asked me “What inspires your posts? What is your goal with each post or with the blog as whole?” And I know he's not the only one wondering.

I share what inspires me.

  1. Workouts and overcoming mental health struggles.

  2. Dietary journey, recipes, and coffee.

  3. Nature and even occasional finance talk.

With my photo selection, I like to share more than just workout photos. When I do post pictures of my body, I want to show you that I practice what I preach. When I see a fit female on Pinterest or IG, it is my catalyst to be active. Not because I'm after the competition of comparison, but a woman's determination is empowering to me and I want to empower you just the same! By posting images of myself, does it mean I’m shallow with my appearance longing for that dopamine from likes and comments? If you've kept up with me or scroll back through my other content, I'm vocal about fear of judgement. I am human. My fear just doesn't inhibit my behavior on my health journey. I research recipes, inspect ingredients, decide which ones I’m comfortable consuming, do different exercises, find unique activities, and meditate to help with my anxiety. From all of these practices, my confidence keeps building so, I keep sharing with you. Maybe you connect with me, maybe you don't. But I believe in having a conversation about your workouts, your mental health, your dietary interests, your relationship with nature, and your finances. I believe that these guide you towards overall health and my goal is to encourage you to find YOUR healthier self.

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