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Let's stop passive body shaming

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Stop calling me anorexic

Thank you Pinterest for bringing this in my feed. Fit shaming and body shaming have been directed at me more than you know.


  1. Me asking nobody: Lifts one heavier box/item at work Someone - even a random person: ”So, is that how you stay so skinny?”

  2. Me asking nobody: Opens up tupperware with lunch from home Someone - even other women: “Is that all you’re going to eat? It’s enough to feed a bird.”

  3. Me asking nobody: Wears attire that shows my skin/shape Someone - practically only women: “Omg, you’re so thin. I could never fit into that.”

  4. Me: Mentions not working out for over a week and feels low energy Someone listening: “Oh yeah because you’re so fat that you need to exercise.”

Body Shaming Double Standards

I weigh 125 lbs and I’m a little over 5 feet tall. Genetically speaking, my build is my build, but being called "small" or "tiny" is heard often. I’ve been skinny shamed and fit shamed multiple times a week from customers wherever I work, friends of friends, and even family. Some I don't actually think mean to shame or degrade you. They clearly don't know how to say what they want to say with a gentle approach and it stings.If someone looks fantastic, tell them “Wow, you look great” and if you want to know more, ask what they've been doing! Genuine compliments are warming to hear and leave someone actually feeling so. I support and praise healthy choices when I see them and sometimes, others start bringing them to my attention. Talk about a win!

Fitness is for all bodies

All quotes are from my Pinterest board “Staying in Shape.” I cannot find their direct accounts they came from to offer proper credit. Please message me if you know the artist.

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