• Melissa Shannon

Scheduling Dreams

It’s a strange feeling to know where you are born and continue living isn’t where you actually want to live. But how do you leave? How do you leave family, friends, and the comfort of familiarity?

I’ll tell you. You set your mind, save the hell out of your money, sell extra items, put in a 2 week or more notice with work, and you just GO!


During our 2k mile trek from home to a city where we have no job or house scheduled to arrive to, I found the pin at the top of this post. “….If you schedule it, it’s real.”

My husband, Shane, and I visited Oregon on vacation last fall and connected so deeply that it was decided. We didn’t want to resign our lease come July. That would have been wasted money when we knew the same money spent on rent could just get us out west. In order to achieve this, we had a small profit left from selling a house the year prior but we still bunkered down for months and focused on a budget. I didn’t go out to dinner, didn’t go out drinking with friends, didn’t go shopping for items I didn’t need i.e. we didn’t do a lot except work, grocery shop for essentials, and sit at home watching Netflix at night.

We grew up in Florida. It’s a great beautiful place and can be a dream location for some.

“Live where you vacation”, we’ve all heard this in passing. Well, Shane and I never vacation to the beach. Granted we lived on the Gulf Coast for over 20 years, but some people who live in a coastal town still vacation to other beaches. That’s fantastic if that’s where you jive but that’s not us. When we lived in Colorado for a few years, we never did a beach vaca. The mountains are our playground and we want to live in them again. Period.

While visiting Oregon, it felt as if Florida and Colorado had a baby! It’s a place that harnesses activities we like to do together in a terrain of mountains and the Pacific freaking Ocean. Omg, let’s get there!

We started searching online for employment and homes to rent in Oregon but, we found it too complicated to be accepted from our job applications or landlord while living in another state. I can understand it’s hard for the recipient to truly believe our seriousness. So, we left early to make it happen.


After 5 days of driving and staying in scheduled Airbnbs along the way for stops, we arrived. We are still staying in Airbnbs until we find a home to rent. We are also actively going on interviews and creating a network in our new community.

That’s it! We are optimistic, practical, and motivated. We made to-do lists for each step of the process in order to make this happen and guess what? We are here!


Thank you for reading. More to share as our story develops. If you can take anything from this post, reference the quote in the beginning, “…If you wait for the right moment, you may be too settled and you’ll always wonder when you should wander!”

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