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6+ years later & I'm still fit from this!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

First things first: Start shedding compounded feelings of inadequacy. Stop the repetitive negative self-talk. Stop the comparison.

Beginning your health journey is easier said than done and it can continue to feel that way when you keep saying things like:

-“Not today but tomorrow.” -“I’m cramping today. I’ll wait until my period is over.” -“I didn’t eat healthy today OR yesterday, so why even start.” -“I’ll never look like that."

Unless you struggle with a debilitating or critical illness or something that truly limits your physical ability, you need to explore ways of moving your body around. Sure, there are days to rest - maybe even a week, but as long as you keep coming back to movement MORE frequently than not, that's all it takes. Find motivation, find consistency.

Pinterest was my first motivational tool. Those short workout pins look easy and they ARE doable (but still kicked my ass). The super top-secret secret was just going back and freaking doing them! These pins meant that I didn’t need a gym membership. Even though some gyms are only $20/month, I just didn't want another bill!

Other motivation me was seeing images of fit female bodies. At first, I had body comparable comments. This negative narration went like: - "Oh, she's a fitness model."

- "Ugh, she's more fit than I am."

- "She's definitely younger than me."

- "She's taller than me and my torso is much shorter than hers."

Bla Bla Bla. Regardless of my comparable body measurements, being floored by this fit female made me switch my negative self-talk response to this empowered mindset:

"I don't want her fit shape. I want MY fit shape but with some of her efforts!"

So, I did more Pinterest workouts, found an affordable yoga studio (hot yoga became my jam), changed my food intake from processed to real, explored acro-yoga, and finally transitioned to resistance training with little weight. After several weeks, it became obvious “Whoa I must be in shape now. I feel stronger and others are also noticing AND complimenting my physique.”  (The supportive comments are extremely nice to hear. I've heard some passive aggressive ones too, but diving into that energy takes too much out of me. So, I let those ones go.) It's also empowering when you like what you see in the mirror!

I am the product of “I want to look like that!” to “Damn, is that me?” and I am here to share with you that this fit life you see on Instagram, Pinterest, read in magazines, and see on food blogs IS obtainable. It will take weeks of effort but after those weeks, it's almost effortless. If a fit body and a healthier lifestyle is something you want, you only get one life!

If you want to chat more, please send me a message. Happy health!

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