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Tips for healthy eating while traveling!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

As a clean eating machine, I like my real food especially my snacks. Now, throw traveling into the mix and talk about challenges!

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Heceta Head Lighthouse on Hwy 101

My husband, Shane, and I headed to Oregon. In the airports, it was painfully clear. There are not many clean snacks/meals that are AFFORDABLE. But once we arrived to Oregon, there were SO MANY amazing natural grocers, co-ops, and independent grocers in Eugene and Corvallis! (Those were the two biggest cities I visited though so I’m sure there are more throughout the state.) In the smaller coastal towns, finding healthier food choices wasn’t rampant like I hoped.  

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Cafe Mundo in Historic Nye Beach. This place was my sanctuary for real foods  and great vibes on the coast.

Since I couldn't desire many options served at restaurants, here are some tips that got me through:

  1. Eat something light before leaving for the day (just in case it takes a minute to find a restaurant).

  2. Bring snacks preferably health bars. They're easy to travel with. (Pleasantly surprised: at George Bush International Airport has self check out markets with dietary friendly items and not too overpriced).

  3. Check-in to your vaca home and scout for kitchen equipment i.e. toaster oven, refrigerator, appliances, cookware, cookware tools.

  4. Depending on what time of day you check-in and if you've seen your setup, head to a grocery store. Ideas like bananasgrapes, cheese, carrots, hummus, and mixed nuts are easy, ready-to-eat, and filling.

  5. Last thing BUY MORE BARS and bring them with you! I personally suggest ones where the ingredients are simple and lower than 17g sugar preferably.

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Newly found bars that I highly recommend. All low in sugar and pleasantly satisfying.

I’ll end this post with a few more of my favorite pictures from this magical, mystical, and enchanting state.  (All photos are my own).

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