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I ✨ deleted ✨ my fitness IG & FB

Updated: Feb 21

Short answer: It wasn’t bringing value to my life. Long answer: My relationship to IG isn't a rare type. I have a personal account where my followers are those I know in person, some form of acquaintance, or even those who I’ve never met but I accepted their follow request b/c I vibed with their public (curated) energy. I keep my personal account private because I want to.

Then, I started Melissten to Your Body, a public fitness blog & IG. I crafted a blogger persona that truly also was a version of me, but....it was a version. I only talked about a few things. What I publicly discussed was still a bit of an open approach though. I shared about my passion for at-home fitness & yoga, my body confidence through physique portraits, and my struggle with anxiety. As the content creator, I felt I was being authentic just as one would be in real life - talking about things I cared deeply about.

Now, having two accounts wasn’t that complicated, but trying to be less of a marketer/educator and show my personality more on the blog account didn't come together like I hoped. I concluded there's a disconnect from people whom I quasi-know and see regularly to my IG self. When they scrolled through my feed or watched my stories, they're seeing more of me on IG than out-and-about in town or in our brief interactions at the coffee shop, gym, or grocery store. Although, they do also see me in real life. It's just when we cross paths, I'm not in a bikini or in the middle of taking physique photos. So when a photo of my booty for hump day comes across their feed, I'm not around to interact with about it and so, my intention is questioned.

It's 2021. We're exiting a year plus long pandemic. I work from home and my primary social life at the moment is behind the screen of IG. Mostly everyone’s is. This IG self wasn't finding the real life close connections with those behind the screen. So yes, I deleted my public account but I'm not going to say “ok, I’m done with social media b/c I can't control how I'm seen ”. I still have my personal account private and always will. But, I like sharing & connecting. I think that just needs to happen not-virtually for a bit. If you want to reach out to me, I'll be here via my contact page.

Stay healthy everyone - physically, mentally, & socially.

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