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You grow girl & I'm rooting for you! 🌸

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Fitness doesn't have to be a one way street, a solo rodeo, or a one woman band.⁠ That's why I am here to listen to YOU and I also need you! 💜 We can empower each other and be #livingourbestlife . Maybe you can relate to me because you're also dealing with things like:⁠

✖️ Anxiety⁠

✖️ Shame⁠

✖️ Self-Doubt⁠

✖️ Grief ⁠

✖️ Inadequacy ⁠

✖️ Fear ⁠

I experience these daily. It's overwhelming. To switch my attention, I use exercise to not give energy to those feelings and PUSH THROUGH them leaving me to feel:⁠

✅ Fearless⁠

✅ Confident ⁠

✅ Strong⁠

✅ Determined ⁠

✅ Accomplished⁠

✅ Brave ⁠

✅ Smart ⁠

✅ Fierce⁠

With those powerful results, I'm rooting for you to find new feelings for yourself too! y

🙂 Comment below, send me a DM, or email me. Happy health! ⁠

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